Monday, April 18, 2011

Science and Mathematics

8 April 2011,
My school held a ceremony for the month of science and mathematics. They held variety of performances and the most interesting of all is the show about the history of the development of a television. They started with a black and white screen, they emulate the style of P.Ramlee, really funny with the guitar, cloth and song. After that, the colored screen, it was a Bollywood dance show. 

Then followed by the HD (High Definition) screen, it was a story about investigation. However, the best part was the 3D screen, because it was a story about a banshee, vicious killers, ghost get out from the television... it was really funny... every year, they always gave the best show ever. Here some pictures....

The crew
P.Ramlee and a vicious killer
During the performances

Magic? or better known as science

Bollywood dancers
Training... Bunyi Gitar...

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