Monday, February 21, 2011

Have you lost your temper?

Have you lost your temper?
You feel like to scream or hit someone?
Everyone gets angry and me too.

1. My little brothers got into my room without permission.
2. They made a mess in my room.
3. They broke my favorite CD.
4. They eat my chocolate that I stored in the fridge.
5. They always play fool on me.

But I love them very much! 
Thank you Allah for give me such a cute younger sister and 3 younger brothers.


AdiaLuze said...

Siblings are one of the most precious gift from HIM...

Jadi, kalo gaduh2 manja, marah2 manja, geram2 manje tu biasalaaa... :)

iftitah_ihsan said...

haha. byase la tu.

btw follow you :)

ummiross said...

hi Aisyah..all of u look so cute...i like

atikNAOshi said...


| cik azeya | said...

cute :)

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