Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a beautiful world without...

Pollutions is always the main problems in our country. However, there are many ways we can keep our environment clean and safe.

          Firstly, we must not litter. Littering can affect our surrounding. We must throw rubbish into the bin that has been prepared for us even at home, school, and work.

          Next, we also can reduce using our own vehicles because the smoke can affect our respiration especially children. As neighbour, we can use car pool to work or public transport such as bus, monorail and others.

          Then, the government must stop all the factories from dumping waste into the river. It can kill all the marine life such as turtle, jellyfish and whale. It also can cause many diseases like dengue fever.
          Finally we should avoid from open burning activity because it can cause haze and disturb our breathing. Moreover, the smoke from the open burning can affect our eyes and because of the above reasons we must now how to dispose things based on their categories in recycle bins and always care for our environment.


AdiaLuze said...

All can be done if we can unite to make it possible ^__-

Aishah Faisal said...

@AdiaLuze : agree ^_^

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