Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The beauty in you..

pic (c) mydearfriend-nina

When we talk about beautiful, pretty, fair, good-looking and many more that synonym with it. The first thing that will come to one's mind is the look. The beautiful and the handsome faces. She's pretty. He's handsome. They're gorgeous.

Everyone desire it, do we not?
- I do.

Though, I realize how I'm not the perfect looking girl. I realize that I do not worth it of someone so perfect-looking for my lifetime partner. But hey, I do believe that I am extra special in my own ways and someday I'll find someone who'll appreciate & care me for who I am. I'm aware of how I'm not pretty nor fair but I do believe in myself and not even an unpleasant word from someone will let me down. Instead, it'll be my ladder towards a much better me, here and hereafter.

Let insecurities lead you to both modesty and confidence. You are worth it. Never let others tells you otherwise. Be proud of who you are and believe that Allah have great plans ahead for you.

"to hate others is ugly, to hate yourself is uglier" - hlovate

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