Thursday, September 2, 2010

Be anything you want to be!

A kindergarten teacher ask her students to introduce themselves & tell the class about their ambitions.

Amin stand-up "My name is Amin bin Aman. I want to be a pilot when I grown-up. So I can travel to Australia, London, Dubai & many other countries". "Good Amin! Thank you! Who else?" the teacher ask again.

Then a little girl named Farah stand-up & speak "My name is Farah bt Farid. When I grown-up... I love to be a full housewife & have many cute children!". "Good! A housewife also a very good job. Who else?" replied the teacher..

Then Anas stand-up "My name is Anas bin Ahmad. When I grown-up, I want to help Farah to full fill her ambition!"

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